Exclusive: More Questionable Dealings Inside the County Prosecutor's Office

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A 19 Action News Exclusive investigation blew the lid off of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason's office. We discovered dozens of his employees have political ties, across the county.

Now another layer has bubbled up to the surface. Last month we exposed Mason's questionable dealings with a printing company and now it appears he's at it again.

Peter Szigeti who owns Szignature Systems and since 2003 has been running the county prosecutor's computer system at Mason's office is cashing in big time on his relationship with Bill Mason.

The county has paid Szigeti's company more than a million bucks of your tax dollars.

It's been reported that Mason hired Szigeti as the Prosecutor's IT guy in 2000.

Two years later Szigeti started up Szignature systems.

In 2003 Szignature Systems is awarded a lucrative county contract in Mason's office while Szigeti is still a county employee.

Szigeti then quits his county position.

Fast forward to last week. After my exclusive investigation into Mason's spending with a printing company Mason asks county commissioners to cancel the county's contract with Szignature Systems.

Now we've learned Mason has hired Szigeti back as a county employee in his office to the tune of 117,000 a year. He started today.

Mason won't talk to me on camera but says Peter Szigeti's work has saved the county almost six million bucks a year. He hired him back and canceled the contract to remove any issue what so ever.

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