Bad Call: Judge Criticized for Cutting Sex Offender Loose

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - An outspoken Cuyahoga County judge is criticized for making a bad call.  A sex offender got a break from Judge Tim McGinty. He often complains about cops letting bad guys go free. This convict turned up on the victim's street.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors say Derek White and Neill Hull sexually assaulted a young girl with a screwdriver. At their sentencing, Judge McGinty gave White a chance to report for prison later. He didn't. He turned up on the victim's block.

Judge McGinty admits a close call. McGinty has been very critical of Cleveland Police Officers. He's gone on national TV criticizing Cleveland cops over how they release suspects.

In a national televised interview McGinty said, "11 people found dead in one building and in the area of a home and kept as trophies corroded and they did good police work?"

in this case McGinty told me he let white stay on the streets to take care of a medical issue.

"it's normal practice. The attorney asked for two weeks. normal practice," said Judge McGinty.

White claims he didn't know the victim lived where he was found.

"I don't even know the victim since I met her one time. I don't care about the victim," said White.

The judge gave White some extra time in prison. Now three years for his role. Now an outspoken judge finds himself having to explain releasing a thug.