Tea Party Protests

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(WOIO) - It's tax day - April 15th - and thousands of tea party activists are headed to Washington to express their anger and frustration with the Obama administration.

As they do, a new CBS News-New York Times poll is showing us just who these passionate conservatives really are.

"This is about the people," said Former VP Candidate Sarah Palin. "This is a people's movement"

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin rallied and estimated 5,000 tea party protesters in Boston before the final stop of the Tea Party Express in Washington, D.C.

The tax day demonstration will cap weeks of protests in 47 cities across the country. Tea partiers voicing their frustration with Congress and the White House.

A new CBS News-New York Times poll shows Palin is overwhelmingly popular with tea party supporters, but only 44% think she would be an effective president.

The poll went on to examine the make up of the tea party.

  • 36% more than a third are in the south.
  • 89% are white.
  • 70% attended or graduated from college
  • 84% have an unfavorable opinion of the president
  • 92% say he is pushing the country towards socialism.

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