Big Bust: Alliance Police Special Investigations Unit Busts Meth Lab House

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ALLIANCE, OH (WOIO) – Alliance Police Department's Special Investigations Unit made two arrests Monday following a ten day investigation into illegal methamphetamine production.

Monday, Alliance police attempted to pull over 31-year-old Todd Reese and 39-year-old Richard Davis for a traffic stop in Reese's driveway.

The investigation concluded with the execution of a search warrant at his residence after officers located a meth lab at that location.

Surveillance of Reese and Davis showed them going to Walgreen's Monday where Davis purchased cold medicine with Pseudoephedrine in it and then on to Wal-Mart where they are believed to have stolen lithium batteries.

Both are necessary ingredients in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

These observations, combined with information from the investigation and anonymous tips about the methamphetamine production, led officers to apprehend Reese for the offenses.

Reese and Davis fled in the vehicle, nearly striking the house as they drove into the grass behind the residence intent on escaping by driving through the neighborhood backyards.

The vehicle got stuck in the grass and Reese exited and struggled violently with officers trying to restrain him. Reese was subdued with the Taser.

Davis did not resist his arrest.

Officers located chemicals needed to start a meth lab in the front seat of the car on the passenger side between Davis's feet. Also located in the vehicle was a homemade "gas generator" commonly used in the final stage of producing methamphetamine.

A search of the house revealed a meth lab in the basement and an abundance of materials that were either now dangerous chemical waste or more chemicals to start more labs including, iodine, camping fuel, torn open lithium batteries, gas line antifreeze, drain cleaner, pseudoephedrine (cold pills), naphtha, cold compress packs, tubing, glass jars and plastic bottles.

Both will appear in the Alliance Muni Court for charges on Wednesday at 1pm. They were both charged with Illegal Manufacture of Drugs (F-2) and Illegal Assembly/Possession of Chemicals for Manufacture of Drugs (F-3). Reese was also charged with Fleeing (F-4) and Resisting Arrest (M- 1).

Detective Weyer suffered chemical burns on his hands during the arrest process from a lithium battery that Reese had stripped from its casing and placed in a plastic baggie Each will be held on a $150,000 bond.

Davis was previously found guilty for Illegal Assembly/Possession of Chemicals for Manufacture of Drugs in Alliance.

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