Editorial: Police Directive Unfair

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The head of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Union and a large number of the police force itself is angry with Police Chief Michael McGgrath and I don't blame them.

The chief, in an unprecedented rebuke of his own force, released a departmental notice last week that tells officers to re-examine their commitment to their profession or else get another job.

The harsh words came on the heels of an incident involving a dead body discovered along Interstate 90. Two veteran cops responding to reports about the body weren't very diligent in their early morning investigation and mistook the body for a dead deer. Members of the woman's family, already grief-stricken, were appalled at what they saw as indifference.

The two cops booted their assignment for sure and ought to face some discipline, but McGrath's directive casts a pall on the entire force and that's neither fair nor effective. If the Cleveland Police Department has cops who treat those they are sworn to protect with a lack of dignity and respect, then they ought to be individually weeded out and canned. Why tar everyone with the same brush?

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