I-90 GPS: Instead of "Car 54 Where are You?"...it's more like Unit 232

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - New explosive details in the case of a murdered mom found along I90.

The officers thought her body was a deer on the side of the road but GPS tracking caught their squad car parked in a cemetery for hours before and after that emergency call.

Unit 232 is the police cruiser in question.

Union president Steve Loomis told 19 Action Newsw that there is a "special attention" for the West Park Cemetary because thieves have been stealing from headstones to sell it as scrap and that's why they were there.

After sitting in one spot for more than an hour the call comes out for a possible body on I90.

When the cruiser does finally respond, they drive by doing around 50-miles-an-hour, and identify it as a deer.

Unit 232 then heads right back to the cemetery and sits for another hour.

Loomis says, again, he can explain for the officers saying they had just gotten their lunch and took it back to the cemetery to eat it.

People who live near the cemetery are not buying it.

"I say that's unacceptable, that's what I say. I do not believe that for a minute. Not for a minute," says one angry neighbor.

The city is investigating.

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