Rape Allegations against NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor

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(WOIO) - One of the greatest defensive players in NFL history is accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in a New York Hotel.

Police say a pimp brought her to Lawrence Taylor's hotel room, which was at a Holiday Inn near the New Jersey state line.

The girl is a runaway who's been missing since March.

Police say after leaving the hotel the teenage victim text-messaged her uncle with her whereabouts and police arrested the pimp first then went to the Holiday inn to arrest Taylor.

Detectives say he paid the girl 300 dollars for sex.

When police found her she had injuries to her face but they say it happened before she got to Taylors hotel room.

"He has been very cooperative from the moment we knocked on the door. He was very concerned and make it very clear that he did not assault the women on her face," said Christopher St. Lawrence, Ramapo supervisor.

Taylor is 51-years old and even though he lives in Florida, he has a home in New Jersey.

Taylor has been in trouble before including problems with drugs and alcohol and he was busted for a hit and run accident in Miami last November.

He claims his drug problems are in the past.

Taylor is charged with 3rd Degree Rape. He could get up to four years in prison.

Thursday's arrest was his sixth since he retired from the NFL.

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