Editorial: Civil Liberties Versus Public Safety

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(WOIO) - The failed terrorist car bombing in Times Square can be chalked up to another bit of good luck for this country.  The would-be car bomber, Pakistani immigrant Faisal Shahzad like his compatriot, the underwear bomber in Detroit on Christmas Day, wasn't clever enough to make good on his intentions.  but it's just a matter of time before someone does.  and our government ought to be using that time to determine the best ways to protect us….before it's too late.

But, instead our leaders seem still to be pre-occupied with what's politically correct.  If detaining and questioning every Pakistani who makes unusually frequent visits to his homeland is racial profiling then so be it….American lives are at stake. And if scrapping the Miranda warning in order to squeeze intelligence out of some Islamic jihadist is a blow to civil liberties then so be it….American lives are at stake.

Our friends on the left and others who believe that preserving some quaint examples of civil liberty somehow trumps public safety are just plain wrong…..especially when the country is at war.

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