Editorial: The Immigration Battle in Arizona

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(WOIO) - The state of Arizona, by passing a law intended to slow down the flood of illegal immigrants crossing its border from Mexico, has ignited some political firestorm. Opponents of the Arizona law claim that its passage makes Arizona a "police state" where cops - in the role of modern day Gestapo - will racially profile and confront every brown-skinned person they see. But in reading the law, -it's pretty clear that nowhere does it allow police to stop someone solely to conduct an immigration check - and it expressly prohibits police stopping anyone on the basis of race or ethnicity.

But the truth of what the Arizona law will permit or not permit is really not the major issue here to those who are loudly opposing it. What these groups are pushing for, under the mantle of immigration reform, is nothing less than the full-legalization of the some fifteen to twenty million illegal aliens now believed in this country. The Arizona law puts a crimp in that campaign and that's what the current clamor is all about.

Unfortunately for politicians of both parties who covet the growing Hispanic vote, recent polls show that a majority of Americans support the Arizona law and oppose illegal immigrant amnesty.

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