Editorial: Obama and Calderon Criticize the Arizona Immigrant Law

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It was quite a scene last week in the nation's capitol.

The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon here on a state visit, and in between dinners, parties and glamorous hobnobbing with the Obama's, used the opportunity while on our very soil to castigate the United States for that controversial illegal immigrant law in Arizona.

Calderon sees no irony in the fact that Mexico has a similar yet more stringent law. If you are an American while in Mexico and are unable to present proper documentation when asked---well, you are in for a very bad time.

Calderon, of course, is pandering to those back home that are looking longingly at the U.S. Border and hoping that somehow he  can convince the U.S. to let anyone who wants to, cross-over to the promised land.

Harder to forgive on this subject is our own president who agreed with Calderon that the Arizona law---which merely seeks to identify and deport illegal immigrant law breakers---was, in Mr. Obama's words, misguided.

Well, Jay Leno was among many to appreciate the comedy in all of this. In his "Tonight Show" monologue the other night… he quoted President Obama in his welcoming speech to Calderon as having said, "We are not defined by our borders". To which President Calderon supposedly replied, "What borders"?

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