Fatal drug stolen from dog warden recovered

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio (AP) - A potentially deadly drug that was stolen from the Guernsey County dog warden's office was found Monday.
The full bottle of the euthanasia drug FatalPlus was found along railroad tracks near the dog pound, said Sheriff Mike McCauley.
The bottle was among several items in a safe that was taken from the dog warden's office in a break-in believed to have occurred early Saturday morning. Hypodermic needles and tranquilizers also were recovered.
The drug is so powerful that even a finger prick by a hypodermic needle containing the substance could numb a whole hand, said Paulette Winland, dog warden. A larger dose would kill a person in seconds, she said.
The solution causes death by shutting down the nervous system.
There is no antidote.
Cash also was stolen from a money box at the office in
Cambridge, about 75 miles east of Columbus.
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