Exclusive: Were Taxpayer Dollars Spent Wisely at the New Juvenile Justice Center?

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has the first pictures from inside a new juvenile court building that's going up and what we saw made us ask the tough questions about your money.

The new Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center is complete with huge hallways and big pillars and many agree, for a county that's tight on cash, the center looks pretty expensive.

"Looks a little bit too comfortable. Too nice for some criminals," said taxpayer Angie Essawi.

Antonyea Ellis second Essawi's thought. "For a juvenile center building looks very fancy and unique."

The county administrator says paying $1,700 for each column inside the building was a smart move.

"What I'm told is over the years is fiberglass will standup better to the wear and tear of bumps things that happen so it would be less maintenance costs," Jim McCafferty, Cuyahoga County Administrator.

"If it's to preserve it and really save money then that would be fine I don't know if that's true," said Linda Butler, taxpayer.

19 Action News also found documents that show some contracts for the center are at the heart of a County Corruption Scandal.

The county also adds that overall construction so far is under budget.

The building opens in several months.

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