Slow Down: Cleveland Warns Motorists About Fully Operational Red Light Camera

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In anticipation of the reopening of the Fulton Road Bridge, the red light camera located in the southbound lane of Fulton Road at Memphis Avenue will become fully operational on July 26th.

Camera signage and all components of the camera are already in place, Violations will be issued beginning July 26th. However, warning notices may be issued to motorists beginning July 12th.

Motorists are encouraged, as always, to keep safety first and foremost when driving and to adhere to the laws of the road, trarnc signals and posted signage to protect themselves and others,

Pursuant to Section 413,031 of Ordinance 176-A'05, this advisory serves to notiS the general public at least thirty days before a camera is made fully operational and is used to issue tickets to offenders, Before a. camera issues actual tickets, there will be a period of at least two weeks, which wifi run concurrently with the thirty day public notice period, during which only warning notices shall be issued.

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