Lion Burger causes Up-ROAR at Restaurant

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(CBS) - A World Cup promotion is causing an uproar in Mesa, AZ.

One restaurant will be serving up an item they have a lot of pride in but it's not for everyone.

Il Vanaio has what you call typical bistro food on their menu steaks, pasta, but tonight...they add one more item to the list "Lion." That's right for two nights lion burgers will be on the menu.

The's a delicacy in South Africa which is where the World Cup is playing so they're even pairing it with wine from that area.

The menu item has gotten a lot of attention, some good others not so good. The restaurant even had a bomb threat called to it but the owners say what they're doing is humane, the meat comes from a reputable source and is raised for this purpose.

"It doesn't dwindle the population it's farmed here in the U.S. it's USDA certified and some people understand that and are passified by that other people still continue to push the issue and we can't please everyone," said Cameron Selogie.

They've gotten a lot of complaint phone calls. They've even had some people threaten to protest out front but so far no one has done so, instead they're sold out.

All of the $21.00 burgers are gone.

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