New Trouble: Teen Busted for Brutal Beating Strikes Again!

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – There's new trouble for a teen 19 Action News confronted about a previous brutal beating caught on tape.

Cleveland Police tell 19 Action News that 18-year-old Myreon Morsee has just been indicted for aggravated robbery.

Morsee and two other juveniles reportedly stole bikes from kids while punching and shoving them to the ground.

This, after Morsee and others severely beat down two men when he was 17. One of the victims was 73-years-old.

19 Action News spoke with Morsee after the first brutal attack caught on tape and asked him why he did it. Morsee blamed it on alcohol and said "I was intoxicated."

The original beating case remains in juvenile court since it happened just before he turned 18. There is still a chance he could be tried as an adult.

Morsee will however be tried as an adult for the stolen bike case.

How long until he's in trouble again?

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