Miracle: Kitty Makes a 600 Mile Trek Trapped in a Wheel

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A special little kitty is lucky to be alive today after taking an unexpected road trip from Rhode Island to Cleveland.

Elizabeth Delzanie had just pulled into her driveway after a 600 mile trip back from Rhode Island when she heard a cat crying.

"Because the cry was so loud.  It was really screaming for help.  It kept getting louder under the car and these two eyes looked down at me," said Delzanie.

This little guy had made the trip from Rhode Island trapped under the car between the chasse and the spare tire.

"It was up on the tire basically sitting up under this bumper," said Delzanie.

10 hours later the cat needed to be cleaned in a bad way.

"His whole body was covered in grease and oil on her whiskers ears mouth," said Delzanie.

But today he seems no worse for the wear, purring louder than the motor he rode on into Cleveland.

"Especially for a kitten this small to do that well, that's remarkable to come out of this without a scratch," said Dr. Carmen Petti from Avon Lake Animal Clinic.

His new mom for now is moved to tears over the little guy who was lucky enough to pick *her* car when he hitched a ride to Cleveland.

"We've been calling him trip cause don't know what else to call him," said Delzanie.

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