Report: Verizon to Sell iPhone

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(CBS NEWS) -Verizon Wireless customers who have been holding out for an iPhone on their carrier's network may finally get their wish early next year, according to Bloomberg News.

The wire service reported on Tuesday that Verizon Wireless will start selling Apple's iPhone in January. Bloomberg cited unnamed sources familiar with the plans. The deal, if true, would end AT&T's exclusive contract for the iPhone in the U.S. since its launch in 2007.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless representatives declined to comment on the latest rumors.

Neither AT&T nor Apple has ever disclosed the length of the exclusive contract AT&T has for the iPhone. But speculation of an impending Verizon iPhone have popped up periodically since the iPhone's runaway success began in 2007. It's been reported that Verizon originally turned down the exclusive rights to offer the phone due to unappealing demands from Apple.

AT&T's network troubles caused by the flood of data traffic created by the iPhone has only exacerbated the demand for a Verizon iPhone.

"If Verizon had the iPhone, I'd find a way to cancel my AT&T service today," said Dave Norfleet-Vilaro, a loyal iPhone subscriber who stood in line early Tuesday morning at an AT&T store to get the iPhone 4. "It's just ironic that I am waiting at an AT&T store where I've received the worst customer service."

Even though Verizon executives have never come out publicly and said the company will eventually offer the iPhone, they have indicated they'd be happy to have the device on their network. And as the largest U.S. carrier, it's a no-brainer that Apple would look to strike a deal with Verizon Wireless once exclusivity ends with AT&T.

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