US Becomes Second in Manufacturing

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Well, the United States is poised to lose a lengthy and very distinguished title.  According to a national economic study, China will become the world's biggest manufacturing nation in 2011 next year.

You know, when that happens it will end a one hundred ten year run by the U.S. as the number one country in the world in factory production.  Not since the late 1890's has any nation even come close.

Well, this news should not come as any particular surprise.  We are not a nation that makes much of anything anymore.  All across the country- in our once prosperous industrial states and cities- the factories stand silent.  We are content now to become a service- based economy…buying and selling what others make.

The Chinese, on the other hand, unencumbered by crippling labor contracts and unconcerned about carbon consumption or global warming, are just getting going.  They will be the unchallenged manufacturing powerhouse of the next century.  And oh, by the way, Chinese school children have, for years, been required to study English.  Maybe our children ought to begin learning Chinese.

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