Flats Attack: Men jumped, viciously beaten downtown vow never to return

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Police are investigating after two friends were attacked near the Flats.

The victims say they were walking home after an Indians game and a night in the Flats when they were jumped by eight punks.

24-year-old Brain McAvena tells 19 Action News that after Wednesday night's game, he and his buddy hit West 6th, took a cab to the West Bank of the Flats and from there were going to walk to a friend's house.

But the unfamiliar duo went the wrong way and ended up on West 25th and Division.

Within seconds, Brian and his friend were being attacked by six to ten men.

"After that, is was just flashes of white light, over and over again. I couldn't keep up with it. There was nothing you could do."

He says he was kicked so many times his skull was fractured and spent two days in intensive care.

"They said that I've very lucky to be alive," Brian said. "And that if I would have gotten kicked in the head one more time, I probably would have died."

The men were robbed, too. According to the police report, the thieves took everything - even his friend's boots and belt.

Brian says he'll never come back to downtown.

"I know that the police work hard, they really do and if anything, you need more police out there."

Now one has been arrested for this vicious and violent attack. Brian hoping that someone in that neighborhood of West 25th and Division saw the attack and will pick up the phone and make a simple call to police.

"I guess Cleveland is just not as safe as you think it is," Brian said.

If you have any information on this attack or any other crime call Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463.

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