Too Late: Cleveland Municipal Court admits mistakes in murdered mom case

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Municipal Court is admitting it messed up in the case of a wanted man now busted for killing his wife.

Cleveland city court just wrapped up a review of what it did in the case of Maurice Lyons.

He's suspected of killing his wife Tonya Hunter. Police say he stabbed her in front of her 4-year old son.

Mrs. Hunter-Lyons had made repeated domestic violence complaints against him. The court even had an arrest warrant for him since June and despite all that, Chief Judge Ron Adrine is now admitting that no one ever looked for Lyons.

When Reporter Ed Gallek asked the judge why didn't they go look for him he said, "I wish I had a good answer for that. I'm not sure. The best that I can tell you is that in the crush of business this was put together with some other documents and the document was misplaced."

Judge Adrine also said, "We have made adjustments so that things like that don't happen in the future. We are looking very hard at why it happened in this particular instance and we will make sure that no one ever slips beyond our view."

19 Action News has also obtained a recording of a judge warning Tonya Hunter-Lyons months ago, to watch out.

On the recently released disc you can hear a judge warning Mrs. Hunter-Lyons to stay away from her husband, Maurice. Judge C. Ellen Connally told Tonya her husband was very dangerous.

The recording was made back in April.

Here's some of it:

"This is on you. If you are stupid enough to go back to this guy with all his record... (edit) you got a lot going for you. You don't need this guy. So you think about it. And when he's kicking your butt, you think about you know that judge told me to get rid of this guy, cause it's gonna happen again."

In addition to the warning Judge C. Ellen Connally sent Maurice Lyons to jail once, for violence against his Tonya. Now he's locked up for killing her.

So what has changed today that would prevent another Maurice Lyons case? Chief Judge Ron Adrine tells 19 Action News that his court has changed the way they track the warrants, tightening their record-keeping and also looking at ways to hook thugs up to GPS units.

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