Double Life: Local soap opera starring John France exposed on Facebook

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A rich older man is stuck between two women.

Both are claiming to be his wife, not to mention two innocent kids are involved.

John France is finding himself in the national spotlight trying to explain why he took his kids from the woman considered his wife Linda France.

"It was my turn to get them. I didn't take the kids it was my turn to take the children," said John France.

Linda lives in Westlake but he also has another woman who may also be his wife named Amanda. She lives with him in Florida.

Linda, who has two kids by John claims she found out John had remarried, when she logged onto Facebook. She's accusing him of bigamy.

John claims it's not bigamy since he married Lynn abroad that first marriage was never valid.

Both John and Amanda says the estranged wife Linda is good at playing the victim and her motive is money.

"This is not the first time Linda France has played the victim to get attention and it probably won't be the last as long people allow her to do so," said Amanda France.

19 Action News did actually not speak with Lynn France but her attorney released this statement.

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