Exclusive: Family fuming after new puppy dies from Parvo

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ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) – A family is devastated after their 8-week-old puppy died from Parvo just a few weeks after bringing him home from a local pet shop.

Parvo is highly contagious disease that spreads through contact with dog fecal matter.

Fritz was an 8-week-old Shepard Lab mix, who was given as a 10th birthday gift for Melissa Hampton's oldest son. The dog was purchased from the Barking Boutique in Elyria, Ohio.

Soon after Fritz came to Hampton's home, signs of sickness started popping up. "I sat him up to give him his medicine and he just fell over, made this noise and fluid started coming out of his mouth."

The Hampton's rushed Fritz back to the vet, where he had already been for a week and finally had to put him down. The Hampton boy was devastated. "He was at the vet when we had to make that decision" said Melissa.

Now, a devastated family is red with anger and wants to know why they were sold a sick puppy. "We're just looking for some answers about a dog that died" says Melissa.

At the Barking Boutique, a woman who said she was just the groomer is the one that sold the Hampton's the dog. The owner of the store is Penny Northrup Hovinetz.

Penny says health problems had kept her away from the business and that employees let the place go. Now that she's back, she's trying to clean it up. "You wanna go in and see the floor? I ripped up everything..I've painted" said Hovinetz.

19 Action News did a little investigating on the boutique's business practices. Online posts show all kinds of complaints about the Barking Boutique, customer reviews blast the place.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also reflecting poor services online and has a rating for the Barking Boutique, a solid "F." There were seven complaints filed, 3 of which are serious. The complaints ranged from product complaints to sales practices and even services. Only one of the several complaints was settled.

According to Barking Boutique's owner, they are going to make good on the family's awful experience.

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