Cop Crime: Undercover cop busted renting car with criminal's I.D.card

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – 19 Action News has uncovered that Cleveland Police are investigating one of their own for using a bad guy's identification to rent a car.

There's no doubt it is dangerous work fighting crime undercover, but one undercover detective may have broken the law in the process.

In order to help police officers keep their identities secret, Cleveland Police started a rental program for those working undercover.

19 Action News has learned that a Third District Vice Detective hid his identity by renting a car with the name of a man who had previously been arrested. The man under arrest apparently had his identification card still at the police station.

The secret car rental by the false identification of a Third District Vice Detective became unraveled when driver got a ticket in the mail from a red light camera. The man insisted he wasn't driving at that time, so the undercover department was busted.

Just how often does the Cleveland Police Department rent cars? 19 Action News filed a public request and found out for last year and this year, District Vice and the Narcotic's Unit spent $14,000 dollars.

The Cleveland Chief of Police's office will only say there's an investigation in the Integrity Control section. No one has been terminated, suspended or placed on leave at this time.

In fact, Cleveland Police haven't even confirmed the name of the detective involved or released the name of the man whose identification was involved.

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