WESTMINSTER, Ohio (AP) - A northwest Ohio man has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records for a rather dubious world record.
Michael Stuber's blood sugar reached a whopping 2,460 -- and he survived.
A reading of 126 or below is considered normal. At 500, coma becomes a risk. Untreated, sky-high blood sugar kills.
It's not a record that the 47-year-old Westminster, Ohio, man set intentionally.
In March of 1993, after telling friends he felt extremely ill, Stuber fell into a diabetic coma.
At Saint Rita's Medical Center in Lima, doctors and nurses tended to Stuber for 11 days. He spent the first four on life support before emerging from the coma.
Last fall, Stuber was going through the Guinness book when he noted that another American held the honor for highest blood sugar -- 2,350.
Stuber applied and learned last month that he is the new record-holder.
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