Milton Bradley facing charges for allegedly eluding police

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio - A Cleveland Indians player currently on the disabled list is facing charges after authorities say he took off from police, Action News' Dawn Kendrick reported.

Milton Bradley is suffering from back pain, but police said that he was a pain somewhere else early Saturday morning.

Bradley (pictured, above) was cited for speeding, as well as eluding police. Cuyahoga Falls Police pulled him over in his 2002 black Lexus before 3 a.m. Saturday. He was allegedly doing 52 mph in a 25 mph zone -- more than twice the legal speed limit.

After Bradley was pulled over, he handed the officer his driver's license with an Indians ID, which is fairly routine, but when the cop came back to have him sign for the ticket, Bradley decided to leave. The police officer, patrolman Edwin Dennis, followed Bradley for five minutes before giving up. The Cuyahoga Falls Police Department refused to call the incident a chase.

When he took off, Dennis started after him with his lights and siren on. Bradley, however, didn't pull over and stop. At that time, the sergeant on station told Dennis to stop, which he would have done anyway because he said there was no sense in pursuing the outfielder.

"I did attempt to stop the vehicle again and Mr. Bradley refused to stop for my lights and audible siren," Dennis noted in his report.

"What are you going to do?" Sgt. Gordan Tomlinson said. "We know who it is and where he lives, so there is no sense in getting into a pursuit. He never went over 40 miles per hour. It wasn't like he was fleeing us. He was going 40 miles an hour and refusing to pull over."

"This was not a high speed pursuit," Chief John Conley said. "He wasn't charged with felony fleeing, just failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer."

Conley said Bradley called on Sunday to say he wanted to come in and pick up the ticket. He did so and also signed a signature bond.

"The sergeant who waited on him told me that he (Bradley) was very cordial," Conley said.

Dennis said that he never suspected alcohol or drugs, but that Bradley was definitely not cooperative and that a few choice words were uttered.

Action News attempted to contact Bradley, who is in California this week to see a back specialist, but his mother said that he wasn't home.

"At this point, we don't feel the severity requires organizational action," Indians general manager Mark Shapiro said Thursday. "We are comfortable with letting the legal process take its course."

The 25-year-old has had some on the field trouble this season as well.

In July, he threw a batting helmet and a bat at an umpire in a dispute over the strike zone. He also was benched at one point and told to apologize to his teammates for failing to run hard to first.

Indians spokesman Bob DiBiasio downplayed Bradley's troubles on the field earlier this season.

"Let's not start connecting the dots with this young man. He's an emotional guy. That's what drives him," DiBiasio said. "We're behind Milton all the way."

The Cuyahoga Falls Police Department has 12 cruisers with police dash-cams. Bradley was pulled over in one of five cars that does not have a dash-cam, so when he shows up in court, it'll be his word against the cop's.

Bradley was charged with failure to comply with police, a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $1,000 and six months in jail. He might also be charged with another misdemeanor for the speeding violation.

On Tuesday, Bradley requested and was granted a continuance of his initial court appearance until Sept. 12.