New developments in so-called Cleveland Strangler case

New developments in the case of the so-called Cleveland Strangler.

Anthony Sowell is accused of killing eleven women.

19 Action News finding a flurry of court paper arguments - again - over what's fair to Sowell. First, a Wednesday meeting behind closed doors. The trial unchanged, and is still set for June 6th.

Sowell is facing the death penalty for killing eleven women. Victims found on Cleveland's eastside in and around Sowell's Imperial Avenue home. He's charged with raping several other women as well, and two more recently came forward saying they're victims, too.

So what must be decided before the trial? First, murder charges. Cuyahoga County prosecutors just filed papers saying they should be able to tell the jury about the rapes.

Sowell's lawyers are trying to block that. His lawyers have complaints about the jury already, and have thrown out 1,000 possible jurors who have been called or maybe have two juries. One to decide if Sowell's guilty, and another to vote on if he's sent to death row. Prosecutors responding to all of that say uh-uh.

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