Candlelight vigil and burial fund set up for 5-year old murder victim


A fund has been set up to help a murder victim's family with funeral expenses. Larvell Smith Jr., 5, died Wednesday morning after being stabbed.

Larvell's father held a vigil Thursday night at the same place where Wednesday morning Larvell's older sister Deonche was also attacked.

Warrensville Police say Larvell was stabbed to death by 31-year-old Julian Whitaker, the boyfriend of Larvell's mother, Markish Smith. The 911 tapes show Larvell's 10-year-old sister probably saved some lives.

"I want to world to know that my niece is a hero," said Kelly Ali.

Police say Whitaker attacked Larvell with a kitchen knife, stabbing him twice on the neck and killing the family dog too. He also slashed Larvell's sister Deonche Lewis. She was able to get away and run down to a nursing home where both Whitaker and their mom worked at.

That's when people outside the house realized something was terribly wrong and called 911.

"I'm with the Willow Park nursing home and a little girl ran into our nursing home with her neck cut open saying the guy in the yellow house cut her neck open and he has her brother," said the 911 caller.

If you would like to help the family with funeral expenses donations can be made at any Key Bank Branch.

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