Anthony Sowell trial: Jurors questioned about death penalty and defense files 3 motions

New developments in the trial for suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell.

In addition to jurors being questioned in small groups about their views on the death penalty, the defense filed three motions on Monday:

  • First they asked that the gag order be modified, so the defense will have more leeway to speak out
  • Secondly, they are fighting for the probation records of the some the witnesses to be released
  • And lastly the defense wants a more detailed explanation of how potential jurors are even called upon in the first place.

Sowell is accused of killing eleven women and hiding their remains in and around his Imperial Avenue property. The 51 year old was indicted on charges that include aggravated murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, offenses against a human corpse, tampering with evidence, felonious assault, and aggravated robbery, and rape.

The jury process started early on Friday, and 300 jurors were summoned. All filled out questionnaires and watched a juror video.

They then met the judge and Sowell, who was dressed in street clothes and surrounded by deputies.

Sowell faces the death penalty if convicted.

The case has already cost taxpayers in the area of $600K dollars.

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