Thrifty North Ridgeville homeowners power home using the wind


A backyard tower in North Ridgeville continues to turn heads. 

A wind turbine powers Ron Engelman's home.

"This is a residential turbine, enough to help us out with our electric a little bit," said Ron Engelman.

Ron and Pat Engelman live in an all electric home, it's expensive and with rising power prices and the talk of ending all-electric discounts they started thinking green.

Enter American Green Energy, who's owner Don Blocksom began thinking about wind power while in the Army in Europe and seeing it used widely there.

"Because it's an all electric home, they do heat with electricity it's gonna do anywhere from 50-to-85% of their total electric consumption for the year," said Don Blocksom.

At four kilowatts, the tower should pay for it's $35,000 cost in anywhere from 7 to 10 years. It needs winds of 7 to 22 miles per hour to generate power.

In fact, the wind turbine pays dividends even when a home owner is not using any power as long as those blades are spinning, it's producing power that goes back into the power grid. The homeowners meter will spin backwards.

There's lots of wiring and construction to do and a lot of permits to get. Don says once cities get over the shock of a request to build a tower they're excited about the possibilities. Most cities allow wind towers, and Uncle Sam encourages them with cash.

"You get 30% of whatever you spend back from the Federal government as an income tax refundable credit," said Don Blocksom.



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