Questions continue to come up surrounding the death of Howard Hammon

Questions continue to come up surrounding the death of Howard Hammon after he was tasered five times and cuffed by Middleberg Heights Police Monday night.  The family of Hammon have yet to hear one word from police about the incident which has them extremely upset considering they were initially told their son died as a result of a car accident.

After Chief John Maddox held a news conference on Tuesday to clear his officers, he has stopped answering any questions.

We tried to get the Chief to answer just three questions. Keep in mind no one is questioning the use of the tasers as dashcam video does show some level of resistance by Hammon while officers tried to cuff him for being in possession of marijuana.

There are questions about the number of times Hammon was tasered. The Chief claims it was twice, but police first-hand account records show he was hit five times by three separate officers.

After Hammon was cuffed, he was left face down in a grassy area for five minutes while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. It was in this same position paramedics found him, not breathing and with no pulse. Why was he never set up, picked up or put in a squad car?

We're also trying to figure out why the family was told at the hospital Monday night that Hammon died as a result of his injuries from the car accident that started the whole incident. The family found out about the tasering and struggle after seeing the dashcam video on the news.

Chief Maddox has turned down our repeated attempts to get further answers, saying he will not say anything else about the case until the Medical Examiner can determine the cause of death.

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