EXCLUSIVE: Meat from abused animals could show up on your dinner table

19 Action News Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor is uncovering more shocking animal abuse on another farm.

The video is not easy to watch and even hard to hear.

It's happening at one of the leading producers of pork in the United States.

And the animals end up in local grocery stores right here in northeast Ohio.

CLICK HERE to watch the horrific animal abuse story. 

19 Action News has contacted Costco and is still waiting for a response.

Here's what Iowa Select Farms had to say regarding the undercover video.

Kroger's meantime, says they will no longer accept meat from Iowa select farms until they see results from a full investigation. Read their complete statement below:


"We are concerned by what we have seen in the video. We have asked JBS Swift, our supplier, to immediately investigate the allegations.  We understand that investigation has begun.  While the investigation is being conducted, we have instructed JBS Swift to suspend supplying Kroger with product from the facility that is shown in the video."


Today at 11:00 AM,  Mercy for Animals will have a press conference regarding an undercover video that they made at Iowa Select Hog Farms located in Iowa. The video is quite graphic, showing animal abuse that they say happened over a 3 month period. (April through June).

Their focus is on what's called "gestation stalls" that are used on the farms to contain sows and keep them from hurting others or themselves. These stalls have been in place and part of the industry for many many years. They are very small and the sows have limited space to move. We feel that these sow containment systems can and need to improve and we have been working with the pork industry to improve the situation.

We have spoken with both the processor and the farmer in this case and made our position very clear when it comes to daily animal welfare, we will not condone or tolerate any animal abuse.

We have agreed with Mercy for Animals that phasing out these "gestation stalls" to updated more humane systems by 2017 is a reasonable time frame and we support them and the states that have put that requirement into effect. We will also continue to work with and support our vendors as they move toward achieving these goals.

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