Exclusive: Death row inmate blames the courts for criminals like the Cleveland Strangler

An explosive letter sent to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor blames the courts and the prisons for serial killers like the Cleveland Strangler.

Abdul Awkal is scheduled to die next June for the 1992 murders of his wife and her brother.

After learning of the news, he wrote a letter to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason stating, "I imagine you now with a big smile on your face. You stupid ---- are creating serial killers!"

Anthony Sowell, meantime, is on trial for killing 11 women and attacking others.

Prosecutor Mason says he believes Awkal wrote the letter because he "believes what's happening is he's seeing the window close on him." 

Mason also tells 19 Action News that he's never gotten a letter like this.

"You ---- had cost me all these pains and suffering," wrote Abdul Awkal. 

"It's interesting watching him now being held accountable for his own actions and he's now blaming me for what he did," said Prosecutor Bill Mason. "Who knows what goes on in the minds of these guys who commit these horrific acts. The only thing in common is they're both death penalty cases."

The letter came after decades of appeals.


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