Reaction: Casey Anthony's uncle among those not happy with the "Not Guilty" verdict

Not since the O. J. Simpson trial has a verdict struck a nerve with so many people.

A Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee nearly three years ago.

Casey Anthony's uncle lives in northeast Ohio. He's actually a former Trumbull County Sheriff's Deputy.

He spoke about the verdict Tuesday night.

"I always felt like I wanted to sit down with her and say Casey, honey, what happened? Eternity is a lot longer than the 70 to 80 years on earth. What happened? God will honor if you come out with the truth, whatever happened," said Chuck Eddy.

Chuck Eddy and his wife Kathy are in Orlando to be by their family's side.

Eddy called allegations that Casey drowned her daughter and his brother-in-law helped cover it up, outrageous.

He says he prays the truth comes out one day.