Toddler remains hospitalized after falling from second floor window

A toddler remains hospitalized after falling from a second story window at a home located at 15313 Ridpath.

The incident happened Thursday around 4:30 p.m.

Neighbors still can't get the sound of tragedy out of their head. "We heard something like a bam!" says neighbor Jewel

Thursday, there were several kids playing basketball only a few feet away when the toddler fell from a second story window while mom was away from the home. Only the boy's 3-year-old sister was with him.

"All we heard was a noise…we didn't think nothing of it…until the kids came over here and were like the baby fell out of the window" says Jewel.

Somehow, the little boy survived after neighbors say he fell out of the window and landed on a piece of cement.

Neighbors also say they saw the child's mom leave an hour before the incident and that this wasn't the first time she'd left her kids home alone. This time, mom came home to find EMS crews working on her son.

The toddler was taken to University Hospital Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital where he remains confined due to injuries.

The toddler's mom has not been charged at this time. Police say they're working on child endangering charges right now.

"It's sad... The situation is sad... You should never leave your kids at home... Not when they are that small" says neighbor Keshia Garner.

19 Action News visited the scene Friday, the child apartment door was left open.

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