Casey Anthony juror #3 breaks her silence

A juror who deliberated Casey Anthony's fate is speaking out about that controversial verdict.

Juror number three, Jennifer Ford, told a Florida reporter what swayed the verdict. 

Reporter: You told me, though, that original vote for the aggravated manslaughter was six-six.

Jennifer Ford: Correct.

Reporter: And which side of the six were you on?

Jennifer Ford: The manslaughter.

Reporter: So originally you thought that she was guilty of manslaughter or could be guilty of manslaughter.

 Jennifer Ford: Could be. And I wanted to investigate it further to see if it fit based on the evidence we were given.

Reporter: What convinced you and the five others to switch your votes and vote for not guilty?

Jennifer Ford: I think everyone will say the same thing, it's just lack of hard evidence.

Jennifer Ford says she's received threats since the trial, but stands by her verdict.

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