Hot-headed Canton Cop under investigation for second unprofessional traffic stop

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - It's at least the second time this same veteran officer has lost his cool during an arrest.

Patrolman Daniel Harless is caught on tape throwing around threats and profanity.

The Canton cop is already on leave after that first incident and now many are calling for his job.

Video of Officer Harless hit the world wide web earlier this month for his conduct during the arrest of a man with a concealed-carry license.

Now, another report of misconduct during an arrest has surfaced along with police dash cam.

Patrolman Daniel Harless can be heard in both incidents using profanity and death threats during the arrests.

In the July 29th incident, Officer Harless needless to say is not happy. It happened last year and in this case Harless discovers a gun with two suspects inside.

While both cases are different his behavior is the same and Canton residents say in either case, it's unacceptable.

Canton police could not be reached for comment. Officer Harless is still out on sick leave.

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