Parma politicians flooded with complaints concerning the recent rain


It was not a good night to be a politician in Parma.

They were bombarded with more complaints about how local leaders are NOT handling the city's recent flooding.

Angry Parma residents spoke to city council members out about their water-logged basements.

So many people packed Parma City Hall that there were lines of frustrated folks coming out the door.

It's remarkable when you consider virtually everyone who showed up is a flood victim, some several times over.

"We watched water gush out of the streets, we actually saw fish shoot out of a manhole cover," said one angry resident.

The Parma residents are frustrated because every time it rains hard, their homes and basements flood and they feel the city isn't doing enough to help.

"Seriously, you guys have to do something, because Westminster's been hit bad," said another angry resident.

It's not just an inconvenience, their homes are losing value, and it's taking an emotional toll.

"My basement is supposed to be therapy and play area for my autistic grandson, but with raw sewage, he cannot play there," said one angry resident.

Renee Smegelski started to cry while recounting how her husbands military awards were ruined in one of several floods.

"I watched my husband in frustration and sorrow as he had to throw all medals and accommodations in the garbage," said Renee Smegelski.

But no one from city hall had any good answers, in fact the mayor got cat calls when he talked about plans for the city's expensive, long term solution.

"But people want results now. Not tomorrow, not next week, now," yelled another resident. 

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