Benitez-Maranon pleads to shooting and killing cab driver

NEW FRANKLIN, OH (WOIO) - Raul Benitez-Maranon pleaded guilty Monday to aggravated murder with a gun specification.

Prosecutors say on August 14th, Benitez-Maranon took a cab from a bar in North Canton to his home in New Franklin. When he arrived home, Benitez-Maranon informed his girlfriend that the cab driver, Jerry Laury, had angered him and walked back out of the apartment to where the cab was still sitting in the parking lot.

Benitez-Maranon returned to the cab and shot Laury numerous times, killing him. When he was arrested just moments later, Benitez-Maranon told officers that Laury had disrespected him and his family and had gotten what he deserved.

Benitez-Maranon will be sentenced on November 30th. He faces life in prison.

After years of kidney problems, Laury had finally received a transplant and was semi-retired after driving taxis and semis for three decades.

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