Careless mom locked up for what she didn't do for her son


An East Cleveland woman is suspected of abusing her child and 19 Action News has learned cops have dealt with this mother before.

Dianna Smith is sitting in jail for what happened to her little boy and what cops say she didn't do. 

This week her son was taken to University Hospitals. Doctors found a fractured skull and maybe a broken arm too.

A source close to the case says the mother told cops her four-year old son was playing in a bedroom with a mattress leaning against the wall and it fell on him. Odd???

But we're told the mother did not get the boy help until days later. Dianna Smith is not charged for this yet but police say last year she did get charged for leaving kids home alone.

For that we're told Smith went through a first offenders program.

Cuyahoga County social workers say she has three kids. The county is currently moving to take custody of them.

Cleveland and East Cleveland Police are investigating.

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