Greedy Grinch steals Christmas

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - Christmas is gone for one local woman, it was stolen by a Grinch. She claims she was pick-pocketed and all her gift money was taken.

"I really am conscientious  of my surrounding but I just slipped that one time," said Betty Manley.

Just this one time Betty Manley felt she could go shopping with her oxygen tank and a small purse. She went to the electronics department in Walmart in Canton, to buy some gifts for her grandson Dylan.

Betty says when she went to pay for her items her purse was gone.

"I got my purse back with my driver's license, bank card, and medical card everything in it except the money," said Betty Manley.

Betty, who has  pulmonary fibrosis, the hardening of the lungs, has a lot of medical expenses.   And inside that purse was her Christmas money. It was exactly $197 and some change but for this woman who has a terminal illness she doesn't blame the store.

"It's not their fault that their customer took my money," said Betty Manley.
And she is trying to keep the Christmas spirit even though a Godless greedy grinch stole hers.

"Maybe they need it more than I did.  I hope they enjoy their Christmas that's all I can say," said Betty Manley.