Exclusive: Inside the compound that houses Sam Mullet and his followers

(WOIO) - Just how crazy is Sam Mullet's world?

19 Action News Investigator Scott Taylor takes a look inside the 800 acre compound, where Mullet lives with his followers.
On Monday we talked to one of Sam's daughters-in-law. Now we've tracked down one of  Sam's sons who tells Scott Taylor that up to 14 families live with Sam on his property.

Bill Mullet moved off of his dad's compound in Jefferson County but still says he has a good relationship with Sam. His wife Tonya told 19 Action News that Sam Mullet is brain washing people and Sam is having sex with his son's wives.

Federal documents accuse Sam and 11 others of being part of the beard bandits. They were cutting off people's beards and hair who went against Sam and his church.

Bill Mullet believes it happened but has his own take on why.

"I think it was kind of done in fun. I don't think they even realized that they would get in big trouble or anything," said Bill Mullet.

Bill also says he never saw anything sexual.

Bill Mullet has not been charged with anything in connection with the Beard Bandits.

His father Sam remains locked up. He and 11 others plead not guilty Wednesday to several hate crimes.

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