Seedy testimony details arrangements for Dimora's sexual trysts

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Testimony in the Dimora trial got even more seedy, as tapes of wiretapped phone conversations were played on Tuesday morning.

FBI Special Agent Michael Massie was on the stand.  He testified about former Cuyahoga County Engineer Chief of Staff Kevin Payne and his involvement in Stonebridge.

It is a complex on the West Bank of the Flats where the Engineer's Office relocated to in 2003.  It also contains housing and prosecutors say the property owners provided a suite for the use of influential politicians for card games and sexual trysts.

Payne was heard on a wiretap arranging to get a key to the unit to Dimora for an evening with a woman.

Wiretapped conversations between J. Kevin Kelley and former Commissioner Jimmy Dimora detailed the pair making arrangements for Dimora to use a room for a sexual tryst with a woman Dimora describes as "an old friend."

Wiretapped conversation:

Kelley: Do we still have access to that unit over across the way?

Payne: I don't know, I'll have to check.

Kelley: He's got a Saturday night adventure.

A unit at Stonebridge that they had used in the past was no longer available so Kelley scrambled.  He gave Dimora the option of using the presidential suite at the Embassy Suites Hotel downtown.  Dimora became nervous and said, "I think its too visible you know Channel 19 is on the other side."

Wiretapped conversation:

Payne: I can get the key to the Presidential Suite over at Embassy Suites

Kelley: He's not gonna want to go into a hotel, I know that.

Kelley: OK, here's the deal for the unit tomorrow, two options you can use the presidential suite at Embassy Suites.

Dimora: I think it's too visible you know, Channel 19 is on the other side.

Eventually, Kelley got the key to a new unit at Stonebridge. Dimora was pleased about getting the key and said, "I mean, I'll have it for the future, too."  That statement led the FBI to pay closer attention to the Stonebridge condo.

Wiretapped conversation:

Dimora: Who we gonna f*** tonight, are we gonna get a little gumar?

Kelley: I didn't set anything up, should I?

Dimora: Get the one with the thing in her tongue.

FBI Special Agent Michael Massie identified three women he says were escorts who serviced Jimmy Dimora and others at card games and gambling junkets.

Allison Peterson was flown in from Florida for the trysts, she passed away from a drug overdose in November 2010.  Another woman named Rebecca Johnson was driven from Akron for the encounters.  A woman earlier identified as "Egypt" - actually named Latonya Calhoun. Kevin Payne sent a limo to Toledo to bring her in for the sex.

All of the woman advertised their services either on an online site or in Scene Magazine.  The FBI used a limo service's records to find the identities of people on all trips paid for by Kevin Payne.  Payne is also now deceased.

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