Editorial Response: Ryan Conklin

(WOIO) - My name is Ryan Conklin responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial regarding the movie The Grey.

It's important to recognize that TV shows and movies that Americans enjoy have an impact on how we think about the world. In the movie The Grey, wolves are portrayed as bloodthirsty killers, and although it may be entertaining, this is not the type of movie that will make people want to explore or protect the natural world.

The Grey suggests wolves are dangerous man-killers so why should we care if they are over-hunted or if their habitats are disappearing? Other endangered animals, such as sharks, have been glorified on shows like shark week for their ferocity while their conservation is quietly mentioned in the final minutes of the show.

The point is, wolves and their habitats are disappearing and if people think that wolves are just bloodthirsty man-killers, not only will we lose our interest in exploring the natural world, but also our urgent efforts to save it.

Thank you.