JUST IN: Dimora defense team has rested its case in corruption trial

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Jimmy Dimora's defense team has rested its case in his high-profile corruption trial.

Before the start of testimony on Friday, lawyers for Dimora requested that Judge Sarah Lioi allow them to retrieve more data from computer files created by former DAS executive Steven Pumper.

Pumper admitted to bribing Dimora and keeping track of the bribes on a Quicken database.  The attorneys believed the government didn't produce all the files they seized from Pumper.

Without the jury present, they questioned Damon Hacker, a computer expert who said evidence of multiple copies of Pumper's records appear on his computers and flash drives. He believed it was necessary to examine all the copies to make sure nothing was deleted or "cleaned up" by Pumper.  He believed there could be additional evidence that would have been helpful to Dimora's defense.

As the questioning began, Judge Lioi called this an "extraordinary" and late request by Dimora.

Judge Lioi chided the request, "I'm just at a complete loss as to why you think this is an appropriate request at this late date."

The request was denied and shortly before noon, Dimora's defense team rested its case.

The attorney for Dimora co-defendant Michael Gabor was asked if he had any witnesses. He presented none. This sets the stage for closing arguments on Monday.

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