Clyde Cancer Cluster: Federal EPA soil results

Clyde Cancer Cluster: Federal EPA soil results

(WOIO) - In February, the Federal EPA finally showed up in Sandusky County and took soil samples at 14 different locations in and around Clyde, Ohio.

The testing came after a request on a federal level by 19 Action News and the parents of 11-year-old Alexa Brown. She is one of seven kids who have died in the Clyde Cancer Cluster.

For the past several months, the EPA has been testing that soil to determine if they could unlock the mystery of why more than 30 kids have been diagnosed with cancer in Sandusky County. Since 2006, the state of Ohio has tried to solve the mystery that has killed 7 children, but state EPA and health officials have come up empty.

Those Federal EPA results are in, and 19 Action News Reporter Scott Taylor is talking to EPA officials about those results starting First at Four.

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