Not Guilty plea for Hopkins big wig charged with public indecency

Not Guilty plea for Hopkins big wig charged with public indecency
John Dialinos
John Dialinos

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - New details on charges filed against the Head of Airport Security at Hopkins.

45-year-old John Dialinos is charged with public indecency and telephone harassment. On Wednesday, his attorney filed a not guilty plea on his behalf.

Dialinos did not appear in court, and remains free on bond.

According to police, the investigation began in December 2011.

Cops received a complaint from a local tanning salon that their employees had been receiving harassing telephone calls from an unidentified man that were lewd in nature.

Each call would begin with the caller, who was later identified as Dialinos, asking legitimate questions such as hours of operation - and then would proceed to make lewd comments while moaning and breathing heavy into the telephone.

A trace was set up on the phone line of the tanning salon and the blocked number was trapped.

The investigation revealed that it was a pre-paid phone that the suspect used exclusively to call tanning salons.

The phone records also indicated that the man was making the calls in close proximity of the tanning salons he was calling.

During the same time period in December 2011, police also received a complaint of a man in a light blue, older model Mercedes Benz acting suspiciously in the parking lot of the same local tanning salon.

The suspect was described as a heavy set, white male with a beard, dressed in a shirt and tie.

He would park directly in front of the salon windows and watch the employees. He never got out of his car and would sit for long periods of time.

On one occasion a female employee saw the man apparently masturbating in the vehicle as he watched her.

During one of the incidents a manager at the tanning salon obtained the suspect's license plate and called police.

The man was located a short time later parked in front of another local tanning salon.

When officers approached the suspects car he could not provide a legitimate reason as to why he was parked in front of the tanning salons.

They also noticed his pants zipper was down.

The investigation revealed Dialinos had three cell phones in his possession and one of the cell phones was a pre-paid phone used exclusively to call tanning salons.

Airport spokeswoman Jackie Mayo said Dialinos will remain on leave until his charges are resolved. An acting manager has been appointed in his place.

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