"Off-line" Banking

"Off-line" Banking

If you're someone who does a lot of online banking with one of our local banks, you may have noticed a problem in the past couple of days with logging into your account.

US Bank, PNC and Key Bank websites have all been hacked with what's known as a "botnet". The main goal of a botnet is mainly to just clog up a website and keep users from accessing it.

We've spoke with officials at PNC and they say customers should not worry about their accounts. The botnet is clogging the website, but it's not picking up passwords or stealing money.

KeyBank sent us a statement: "Although Key has experienced intermittent slowdowns in its online access channels, our systems have not been down. Our top priority is protecting our clients, and that remains our focus."

The problem for some of the banks is already fixed, but as of Thursday night PNC is still having issues.

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