Not Funny: Dad and son poke fun disabled girl

Not Funny: Dad and son poke fun disabled girl

EAST SPARTA, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News is learning more about the Stark County father and son caught mocking a disabled little girl.

It's troubling to see a father and his son limping in video taken by their neighbor.  The parents say 43-year old William Bailey is poking fun of their disabled daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. Mike Knight says, " I don't even have words for that. It's ridiculous. To sound like there is no reason to be walking like that."

But it doesn't end there. Knight told 19 Action News reporter Scott Taylor they hear gunshots coming from that same neighbor's home.  "We heard several shots fired in the area."

19 Action News has also learned that Bailey was convicted earlier this year of aggravated menacing.  The Canton City Prosecutors office tells us he fired a shot in the direction of a utility worker.

The Knight family and the Bailey's are in a feud.  They both have filed complaints with the prosecutors office.

On Monday we tried to find out what Bailey had to say, but he took off in his car. "We just want to get your side of the story," stated reporter Scott Taylor. "Get the camera out of my face," yelled William Bailey.

Knight says, "I am tired of it. I just want to live with my life with my kids and not put up with any of this nonsense again."

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