Voting registration deadline approaches

Voting registration deadline approaches

OHIO (WOIO) - Volunteers and campaign workers shouted out to students and people walking along the Case Western Reserve Campus trying to get them to register to vote.  At the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections a much different and more frustrating situation.

One by one voters and potential voters showed up there and immediately a look of bitter disappointment came across their faces because the doors were  locked. The place is closed. The fact that it's Columbus Day - a painful afterthought.

"Columbus Day was taken off the list of national holidays some years ago. They pick and choose. It's not a holiday anymore where everything is closed, so I didn't know they were," says one woman who came to cast her vote early.

Someone else drove here all the way from Maple Heights, and another came from Shaker.

"I just wasted my gas coming down here."

Some wasted a day off.  A few like Jamallee McKinley document their disappointment and plan on sharing.

"Put it on Instagram tell everyone know it's not open today," said McKinley.

Many are worried that they won't be able to cast a vote in what is looking like a close presidential election.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections opens on the last day of voter registration, October 9th,  and closes at 9 P.M.

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