Audit: Some firefighters not at training got credit for it

Audit: Some firefighters not at training got credit for it

A new audit shows some Cleveland firefighters got credit for training they apparently never took, so we're asking some tough questions.  Can you be sure the firefighters rushing to your call have actually had their training?

Outside auditors found some city firefighters getting credit for training when they weren't even there.  Some firefighters are behind schedule getting training or getting too much.  And some got too much overtime for training.  In addition to all this, city record keeping has been sloppy.

Still the union says don't blame the firefighters.

"How can we be sure firefighters are properly trained if the records are that much of a mess," said Frank Szabo.  "I don't know if it says the records are a mess.  What's been presented to me, they did not see anything in this audit that did not comport with the division of fire rules and regulations."

Cleveland's Safety Director blames poor oversight by bosses from the chief down.  Martin Flask asked for this audit after two others showed some firefighters getting paid for not working.

The city has instituted sweeping reforms in the fire department.

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